Summer is Here. Turn it UP!

2023 June

Thank God it's here. Finally got my album mixed and mastered by our good pal, great guitarist, singer and songwriter Deke Dickerson. He was a real trooped helping me bring this portion of the album to the finish line. 

Working on album layout right now. Should be done within the month. Planning on having two to three single releases prior to the full album release. 

Looking for a website / internet guru to help with all the interweb integration. So if anyone out there knows someone who can help, please let me know. 

For all you West Texas fans, Johnny McGowan's Rugged Gents will be at Viva Big Bend Fest this year. Check their website for location and time. Plus all the fun bands that will be out there. 

On personal note, just finished the Capital of Texas Triathlon at the end of May 2024. My focus this year was the swim section. I did pretty well overall in that portion but totally stunk in the bike and run. I gassed out. 

Didn't eat that morning thinking it would weigh me down. That was a big mistake. Half way through the bike I felt it, fuel tank running low. By time run started, I was getting passed up by 83 year woman with a walker. BUT, I did finish and that was the goal. Heading to Kerrville for that triathlon later in the summer. 

Hoping to get back my driving privileges before summer is through. Then it'll be fix the 1972 Triumph 500cc motorbike and get the cobwebs out of the '64 F100. Til then, come on out and say howdy. Cheers, J 

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