Biography 2016

Hailing from the Smoky hills of East Tenn, where great guitar players spawn like trout from mountain streams, comes six-string totin' Johnny McGowan. Following in the footsteps of his hero Jerry Reed, (ya know, East Bound & Down), thumb-picking his way across the fretboard like a wildfire on a hot Delta night, Johnny brings electrifying excitement to every performance.

Writing songs and ripping lead guitar for many acts including trucker country band Cletis & his City Cousins, Atlanta rockabilly stalwarts The Blacktop Rockets, upstarts Big Iron w/ Jim Goad, and many others, Johnny can keep up with the best of 'em from the Sunshine state to The Big Easy, Nash-vegas to Texas. Wielding his beloved "El Charro" telecaster he rescued from a fire, expect face-melting, seat-moistening guitar that will keep the people's boots a tappin' and knee's a slappin'.