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Johnny McGowan - Hill Country Waltz

Open, free, lonesome. These are words that describe West Texas. Where stars are brighter, the sun is warmer and the prairie wider. Johnny McGowan's latest release, "Hill Country Waltz" reminds us all about our deep rooted spirit and nature.

Getting into the album, you sense an accomplished musician, gifted song-writer and heart felt singer. Every lyrics adds to the tapestry of the landscape. Every melody add an intricate weave to each song. "When I'm Gone", has a complex bark on it's tree. It's classic hurt from a jilted lover juxtaposed against that classic Texas dancehall beat.

The title track, "Hill Country Waltz", lays bear the soul of a broken heart; something we all know well. Ernest Tubb would be proud.

The other twelve tracks are just as great. So exit the divided interstate. Get lost on the blue highways near Big Bend. Turn up the stereo to Johnny McGowan's Hill Country Waltz album. Roll down your windows and feel the heat melt your soul.

James Maney
Texas Free Press

Press Photo - Marfa, Tx

Marfa, Tx 2024