Mix 'n Match

2023 Jan 18

It’s 2023 and I can already tell it’s going to be WAY better than last year. Although I’ve been told recently not to compare things, people, situations. So let me back that up… 2023 is going to be a-Hap-nin’ year. 

Got lots of plans coming along nicely; mixing album, doing design work for new merch, writing songs with folks and in general having a great time in life playing music with my Austin pals. 

Speaking of pals, the musical meanderer’s The Waymores consisting of Kira and Willie will be recording two of my songs for their upcoming release. They visited Austin at end of last year and upon hearing “Hill Country Waltz” live with my band Rugged Gents, Kira fell in love with it. Also doing “Tavern Time”, a song I penned inspired by my mom telling me stories about going to truck driver bars in the late 60’s. 

Speaking of trucks, my Ranch Hand 1964 Ford F100 is running great. I have had a two carb Offenhauser intake for over a year ready to install plus headers. I can’t bring myself to start cranking on head bolts! That little 223ci inline 6 engine is so doggone smooth at the moment. Perhaps I’ll find the Big Brother engine, Ford’s 262ci inline 6, which is same block different bore; put those things on it and do engine swap. Keep the original one nearby. 

I’ve been running town lake four plus times a week. I love the sun! Plus doing calisthenic workouts with “Above The Bar” crew at Auditorium Shores. This past week finally got enough nerve to get onto of pull-up bar in a standing balance. Whew! You wouldn’t believe how high 8ft can look from up there. Ha! The goal is a muscle up in next two months. Gotta lose a few pounds to make it easier. 

Speaking lose a few pounds; What the Heck?! It’s getting harder and harder to to that. Ha! Welcome to being over 50. It sucks. Don’t do it. Ha. If nothing else stay young at heart. I do my best to stay in a state of gratitude and inquisitiveness. They say people that have experience the most heartbreak are customarily the most funny people in the room. There is some insight into who I am and where I come from. 

Life is short. Have some fun, BUT don’t do it at someone else’s expense; IE: maliciously or breaking a bond / trust. I mean live life to the fullest, have a grand chuckle at life’s little follies. Allow the strange and bedazzled world to amuse. If it won’t kill ya, then just laugh and be thankful it didn’t. 

Get outside in the sun, enjoy yourself on the dance floor listening to live music, make love to someone worth of your gifts,

Stay Rugged! J

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