May 2021 Be With Us

Hey kids,

Looks like we are getting back on track. I've seen a huge up-tick in people out and about, living their lives, enjoying people's company, getting and giving hugs, dancing, etc etc.

From what I see, there is a "Cult of CoVid" still running rampant. You know the type; driving down highway in their Prius with all windows rolled up by themselves wearing a mask. Or, the green haired individual sitting all alone 50ft from nearest person wearing a mask. Seriously people, let's start using our critical thinking skills some huh?

I've been recording more. Going to do my best to get this album tracked by end of the month. Things in the way are lots of gigs, bookings are insane and tracking down players to play them. Plus fitting in people's schedules getting them over to my place to record is a real b*tch.

This past week someone needed my drums for a gig. Happy to help as always, I dug them out of my storage trailer only to find when those thieving bastiges took my two vintage guitars, they also stole my drum hardware bag. Ugh! Net loss of over $2k so far.

God help the poor SOB that I see playing my guitars.

Everybody, keep the faith, live the dream, give a musician a hug, follow your bliss, live life to the fullest, make your bed, never say anything that makes you weaker, always be in honor and call Mom regularly.