Cooling down and getting hot!

2022 Oct 

Hey kids, 

Looks like fall has finally fallen upon us here in the beautiful state of Texas. Taking a run around my neighborhood, I see lots of Halloween decor; some tasteful, some not. Ha! That’s ok, as long as people are enjoying themselves and having a good time with it. 

Had a setback with my album; turns out half or more of my vocal tracks have a *hiss* on the recording. Vocal performance is good, EQ’ing is good. This is just a back ground high—pitched sound that really puts grit on the song. 

Imagine having a crafted Old Fashion cocktail that has too much bitters in it. All the ingredients are quality but there is something in the drink that just doesn’t quite do it for ya. That’s what I am looking at. 

So… I’m re-tracking six to eight of the tunes. I know what I need to do, just getting to the same location in my mind and heart to sing them is the challenge. I was told when starting out my career by a veteran singer / guitarist. He said, “Why are you singing these lyrics? When you get that answer, then you have to go to the place in your mind. Sometimes it’s a dark place.” Wise words from a great singer. 

Ran Kerrville Triathlon in September and did pretty good. The swim was always my worry. Not that I would sink to the bottom or a zombie deep sea diver from 1920 would grab my leg and pull down to his sunken ship. It’s just that I’m not a great simmer. Not fast yet. That said, the moment I got in the water, after about 10 meters I though to myself, “I got this sh*t!” Ha. 

The bike part was what sucked. I don’t do that enough and it showed. I had a 9 year old on a a tricycle pass me up! Gotta get out with my pal Vance Hazen on the Veloway more prior to my next race. 

The run I did pretty good; it’s something I do every day here in Austin. Towne Lake runs directly below downtown; it has over 20 miles of gravel, paved and hiking trails. I customarily go for a run starting at Barton Springs free side, up to 1st street bridge, do a calisthenics workout with Above The Bar guys and run back. Enjoying that beautiful Texas sunshine and staying in a state of gratitude. 

Sent a song to my music pal Kira Annilise, duo partner of Willie Heath Neal. Got a friend Anita Lee to sing demo for me and she killed it. Song was inspired by my late mother who passed in August this year. Didn’t know how much of a muse I lost until we did this song. It’s about a woman who regrets having an argument with her man and just wants him to come home. Hopefully you’ll all hear it soon. 

Perhaps that’s the worst thing about relationships nowadays; it’s just too damn easy to split up. No one knows the value of staying together and working it out. The best things in life are the things we had to dig deep, striving to achieve. I used to think that relationships are / should be easy. That’s what I thought I had last time around. But it was just *easy* for her to change her mind, without any consequences of her actions, and explode a grenade behind her. 

My pal Jeff Hudis effectually said once, “Karma works about 50 percent of the time; perhaps even less for beautiful women.” Hence all you guys out there - stay the course, better yourself, take care of your finances, health and body, join some type of combat gym (boxing is my thing, I love it) and most of all, keep the faith in following your passion. 


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