Spring it Up - 2022 Feb 21

Hey Y’all, 

I’ve been doing my best to get my album done. I ain’t got no fancy big-whig record company backing me with crap-tons of dollars spilling out of a Samsonite. 

What I DO have is really good songs and great players playing on them. 

End of last year I had my pal Nathan Flemming play pedal steel on some tracks. He’s out with C/Crocket currently but he’s a legend her in Austin; he was Johnny Bush’s pedal steel for many year up til his passing. 

Also had the indomitable Dave Biller play some steel. He has this pedal steel from the early 1950’s that just has the certain sound ya can’t get from anything else. 

Going out to Sargent Sound in Driftwood again to record some more drums with my pal Mo Roberts. He tours with blues piano legend Marcia Ball. Great groove and has that Ray Price shuffle thing down pat. Hope to have my fiddle player Ian Stewart and icon Alvin Crow on here real soon. Corralling these guys is like herding cats! 

Recently I’ve found myself with the Covid 8 (pounds that is!). After getting a vintage truck and working on it at the end of last year prior to it getting cold, I hadn’t been working out much. Now that it’s getting warmer, expect to see me out on Towne lake multiple days a week. 

I had “Tools For Titans” book recommended to me in Dec 2021. In it, the author asks many people about what would you tell your 20/30 year old self. For me, one thing I would say is take care of your teeth and your health. 

Nothing is worse than teeth pain or crooked teeth. I know! I had braces when I was in HS for 4 1/2 years. It sucked! I finally had to *force* the guy to take them off. I found out about ten years afterwards he got his license revoked for crooked dental practices. A-hole! 

I had some dental work done and got better looking teeth last year. Didn’t realize I didn’t smile that much until I got them fixed. It was a life changing experience for me. I smile more now. WOW. And to think we have been starved smiles for the past couple of years is shame. 

Smile at someone. Say hello. 

One of my saying is, “We gotta take care of each other. We’re all in this together.” I say it when I give a tip at a coffee shop or Biscuits & Groovy on N. Loop. Almost every single time, the person working perks up. It’s positive affirmations like this that take care of people. 

I’ll do better in keeping my blog updated more this year. For now, get out there. Enjoy life. Go hiking, biking, running. Join a combat sports gym; boxing, jui jitsu, grappling. And by all means… go see some live music and dance.

Hopefully the Rugged Gents will be in your future soon; live and on Memorex. J

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