2021 Apr 1 

Three years ago I landed in Austin, Tx with a broken heart, lost dream and abandoned passion for music. I just couldn’t do it anymore is what I thought. I gave up, went to school for something totally non-creative thinking a new path was the only route to happiness and financial freedom. 

I thought, it’s time to move on, she did and I guess I should too. I had given up on music… but music wouldn’t give up on me. 

I joked recently on how I was the only musician ever to move to Austin and quit playing music. Ha! In this short time here I have found my passion in life. 

Large part of this is my good pal Bob Appel. If it wasn’t for him, asking me to play one time duo show out in Hye Tx, I don’t know where I’d be. I will always be charter member of the Bob Appel Appreciation Society. 

He must have seen something that I didn’t. That first gig I probably cried five times or more trying to get though these heart breaking country songs. I mean tearing me apart! 

Fast forward three years later. I have a steady gig at two of the best places in town. Regularly perform at World Famous Broken Spoke and Historic Gruene Hall. Plus back up Sir Douglas Quartet member and Texas fiddle icon Alvin Crow. 

I have played gigs with member of Hot Club of Cowtown, Sir Doug’s band, Willie Nelson’s band, Wayne Hancock’s band, and many more. 

Just this past week, the leader of Bob Will’s Texas Playboys, Mr Jason Roberts, asked me to come on stage with his band at the honkiest toniest beer joint Ginny’s Little Longhorn to sing a song. Big thrill. 

I got to not only repair but drive Mr James White’s (RIP) 1954 Cadillac coupe to the Spoke. One of only a handful that ever were allowed behind that iconic vehicle’s steering wheel. 

All in all, three years have come and gone. Thinking about how my future could have been different, how my past could have been different but really, I do my best to keep thinking how good my present is. 

Thank you to all my family, friends, support group, inner circle, Bob, Brandon, Joe Emory, Hye Market, Terry at LLH, and all the amazing & wonderful musicians I have met and played with here in Austin. I am humbled by your kindness and generosity. 

I hope to make each and everyone of you proud, making great music, putting smiles on faces, getting boots on the dance floor. I love Texas. I love Austin. I love classic country music. And I found my passion again. 

I don’t know what the future will bring but I look forward to it like I do every day, waking up to that beautiful Texas sunshine.

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