2020 Dec 7 - Let's End This

Hey kids,

It's been ten months, TEN MONTHS, since this country was locked down. First it was 15 days to 'flatten the curve'. Then it was, we have to be careful but no masks. Then it was, wear a mask to protect yourself. Then it was, wear a mask to protect others. Then it was, wear a mask because it's the right thing to do, morally speaking. Then it was, if it wasn't for these peasants and rubes not doing what they are told, we'd be done with this mess.

I have read the studies about masks. Denmark study, Oxford study, CDC study, Univ of E. Anglia, Univ of Illinois, Cochrane Review, New England Journal of Medicine, and British Medical Journal; they all say the same thing. That n95, surgical and cloth masks had no effect as personal protection equipment against airborne viruses.

So when someone says, "Look at the science!", you should have done your homework and looked at the science. Not the reviews or assessments of the studies, but the *actual* studies. Perhaps even ask questions like, "How do you feel about the Denmark study that found masks had no effect?" Or "Where is the clinical study that shows efficacy of wearing a mask?"

Furthermore, what about cases. The individual that created the PCR test stated it should not be used for testing coronaviruses. It's like have a fuel gauge with a light instead of a needle. It doesn't show quantity. The test gives false positives after 30 cycles whereupon it can't be trusted.

What about the other issues in society other than c-19? Deaths of despair (depression, alcohol and drug abuse), spousal and child abuse, cancer and heart patients not getting treatments due to fear of c-19 in hospitals. The tremendous loss of wealth into poverty; family and small business run aground, life savings depleted, property and homes repossessed. We haven't even touched on world issues like starvation.

I heard say; Virus gonna Virus.

I know that sounds ridiculous and only a maladroit would regurgitate such a statement but it's true. A virus is going to run it's course. It is not going away. Just like the common cold and the flu, we are going to get it. Some won't survive it but 99.99% of the population will be ok.

At moment, the hall-monitors that were in middle and high school are yelling at us, "you are breaking the rules!" Get over yourselves. If you want to wear a mask, go for it. But leave the rest of us alone. If you really want to signal your virtue, help people in the real world; donate your time, your energy, your love and compassion.

By the way, what I do, being a musician, it's *not* a "non-essential" job. I have dreams, aspirations, and I want to fulfill them. Just like entertainers everywhere. Dancers, magicians, stage actors, artists, athletes, etc. We are being told, "Sorry, you can't fulfill your life's ambitions until *we* say it's ok to do so. Until then, you are non-essential." Sorry. Too bad for you.

Remember this, if we trade liberty for safety, we deserve neither.

Take the risk. For God's sake, there isn't a zero percent chance you *won't die in a car accident going to get an x-mas tree this weekend. Are you going to hide in a closet for the rest of your life? Waiting for some bureaucrat to declare the day, time and arena you're to be 'free'?

Wake up people. Stop listening to the talking pundits on legacy media and their ululations of covid fear. Take the time to read the *real studies and reports. Looks at *real data. If you are not an epidemiologist, neither am I, but I have a brain. I can reason. I can use logic and common sense. And so can you. I have hope. And so should you.

Stay strong. Stay vigilant. Love your neighbor. Keep the faith.