2019 Sept

 It's been a hot one so far this month. Playing the fabulous White Horse Saloon every Wednesday night. Got half a dozen new songs in the works. Got a new (used) Jeep Cherokee. Doing a five day water/juice fast. Got some new cacti and succulents growing. Working on my polka. Down to one vintage (green) Schwinn Varsity bicycle.

Looking forward to booking a recording session soon with my pal Will Sargent out in Driftwood Tx. He's got a great studio and such a great hang. Tentative plan is for a spring 2020 release.

Keep a look out on iTunes for some of my previous albums. Been getting them up on the net for your consumption. Plus the long-lost NYC record with Paul Shaffer, Will Lee and Lenny Picket. I will be including a bonus track never before heard on the re-release.

Feeling great. Living life. Let's see what happens...


2019 September

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