2018 Oct

As a one legged man in an @ss kicking contest.

September was a super busy month and October is shaping up to be the same. Been playing lots of gigs and shows plus moving forward with real estate profession too. Here are some highlights and future plans.

Been filling in for super good guitarist Matt Thomas with the indefatigable Tom Ben Lindley at the Continental Club with Austin icon Alvin Crow on fiddle. Tom Ben is straight out of a movie; on or off stage. Stand back and watch the show.

Did a duo show with the baritone smooth vocals of Weldon Henson. We've been writing and preparing songs for hit country radio. Since most new stuff stinks to high Heaven, wish us luck in getting some real, heart-felt music recorded by Nash-vegas stars.

 Playing second guitar with the super talented Candler Wilkinson IV and when I say this guy can yodel I ain't whistling Dixie. It is incredible! Check him out too.

As for real estate. Finally joined the Austin Board of Realtors and MLS. Did my first open house this past month and plan on doing more. Talking classes again learning the MLS, doing comparative market analyses, and tax history. Plus lots more. It's amazing to me how much there is to learn and how much a r/e agent can help someone out. I mean a person could get really shafted out there in a transaction. Hoping I can help all us music folk when the time comes.

October is going great so far. As of this writing, I have played seven gigs in four days. That is more that I would play in two months last year in 'The-Place-That-Shant-Be-Named'. It is exhausting doing three gigs in one day; nine hours on stage but I love it! Austin Rules.

Keep track of my shows by way of my website calendar. I will do best to keep ya posted via (s)Instagram and BookFace too. And remember...

Keep L-I-V-I-N!


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