2018 December

It’s been a Hell of a year. I can’t believe November went by so fast! Time flies when you are having fun. 

Been playing lots of shows and gigs; plus making some great contacts in the real estate world. Got my MLS Sales and Leasing certifications so let me know if you or someone you know needs help on a r/e transaction. 

Got a last minute call to play guitar for Tommy Horton, Johnny Horton’s son, at his dad’s tribute show at the amazing Globe Theatre vintage movie hall in Bertram Tx. Tommy was is a great singer in his own right, and a true Texas Gent as well. Hope to do more playing with him in 2019. 

Check out my pal Weldon Henson for some great honky tonk music. He and I have been steadily writing hit tunes over the past six months. Look for full fledged demos coming next year. We will be putting them in the hands of mega-star, Red Dirt country acts to record. I want buy a house and go on vacation. It’s not ‘Selling-Out’, it’s called ‘Cashing-In’! 

Been busy writing those classic country ‘one-liners’ for upcoming tunes. It’s all about telling the story with objects; with the least amount of words. Be on the look out for more original tunes with Weldon, plus writing with the fantastic Bracken Hale of the Detailers, and honky tonk legend Alvin Crow. 

Make sure to check out The Broken Spoke website for donation instruction help with their daughter’s medical bills. 

Expect some Johnny & The Blalocks stickers coming real soon. Also keep coming back here to the website for design upgrades, current news and cool information about upcoming events and shows. December is beautiful here in Austin Tx and I can’t wait for 2019 to start. 

Keep L-I-V-I-N the Dream, 

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