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2019 January

Cedar Fever. 

New Years Day I woke in a new state. New state-of-mind. Some goals for 2019 are 1) new financial freedom via real estate business. 2) new album with original honky tonk material recored with all my new Austin friends. 3) travel to new amazing places here in the West. 4) write a song with Alvin Crow, my honky tonk hero.

Renewed my ABoR / MLS membership for 2019. I can search for any property, find specific places you are interested in, and go visit any house you want in the Greater Austin area. So if you or someone you know are interested in buying, selling, or leasing real estate, let me know. 

Sophia Johnson and I are members of the Bob Appel Appreciation Society (BAAS). Keep a lookout for more events with us three. Plus Huck Johnson (bass), Bob and I are the Marketeers; super fun trio with three vocalists and sweet harmonies. More to come with that trio as too. 

Looking forward to writing more 2019. Had much success writing with Bracken Hale (DeRailers) and Weldon Henson (Honky Tonk Frontier) on several songs. Going to keep that going. Plus another goal is to write a song with Bob Appel. He’ll fight me kicking and screaming but I’m gonna do it! 

Also I am revisiting my old catalog of tunes. I have at least 30+ songs from different genres I wrote for bands which are not classic county but the lyrics are strong. My Knoxville pal Roger Wallace told me to, “Sprinkle some Twang Dust on them,” so that’s what I’m gonna do. 

Gigging is going great. Keep an eye on my calendar for all the solo (Johnny McGowan), duo (Johnny McGowan’s Rugged Gents) and band (Johnny & The Blalocks) shows at our favorite places to two-step and hang out. Plus playing a lot with Bob Appel, Alvin Crow and 'Mr. Project Guy' Tom Ben Lindley. It's going to be a great year!

New state. New state-of-mind. 2019

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