1 April 2020 - The quarentine continues

Howdy everyone, 

Looks like we are stuck at home for a while. I am doing my best to keep busy. Hopefully you are too. Keep circling back here or to my bookface page for updates on when live shows will start happening again.

I've been finishing a 15 year old recording project I started with a drummer pal. It's not country music, but I love the challenge of doing different genres. The songs are super fun and I hope to have it up 'n out in next few weeks.

Also been writing and demoing songs for my current album. I got a brand new peppy number I did on my Little Longhorn live-stream. Plus a few others that aren't quite done yet.

More to come. Keep your head clear. Go outside and exercise. Burn off some energy with useful projects and creative endeavors. J

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