2019 aug

2019 August

Let's see what happens!

It's been a super jam packed month with tons of gigs, lots of playing and many new songs. Check out iTunes, Spotify and other music outlets; you should see my albums and songs up on the net. Still getting them up so keep checking in as I have five or six more to put up. Plus my old band Grinder Nova should be seeing it's album come to fruition.

Went down to my saddle pal Bobby Marlar's house this past week and we worked on two of his songs and he grabbed one of mine. Hope to do a demo of a few of these soon and get them up on stage.

I wrote a song for Bobby Marlar about Roger Wallace and my friend from Knoxville Tn, "Tricky" Rick Rouse the singer. We learned a lot from the guy about how to run a band on stage and deliver the goods. He told me a story of how he "Turned 18 In The Penn" and that was what I wrote about.

Doing another triathlon this month. Wish me luck. Also joined Richard Lord's Boxing Gym here in Austin. It's where David Bowie trained before his big "Let's Dance" tour. RL told me he has the gloves that Bowie is wearing on the album cover. Way cool Austin history. Gotta get in shape.

Just turned a birthday. I feel great. Could use to lose a few lbs but that is going to happen. It's 101 in the shade here during August. I love it. Running, biking and boxing in the heat. It's great. I love Texas.

Cheers everyone and keep your messages and thoughts coming. Let's see what happens! J

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