Hell of a Halloween

2020 Oct 28

Hey kids,

Well it's been 228 days so far since the lockdown started as of this blog post. I can't believe it. I've been the gambit of emotions. At first I thought, 'OK, we'll get through this. The high priest's of C-19 say three months.' When three months came around, more lockdown. That's when I got depressed.

But I also started doing my own research. Not just believing in what the talking heads on TV and sacred cows of Washington were saying while standing in stately rooms behind podium. Actually diving into data, scientific papers, watching videos of doctors and nurses, real boots-on-the-ground people. Strangely, a different picture was starting to take shape.

As some of you know, I love conspiracies. It stared with JFK when I was in high school (West High Rebels, home of the Every Brothers in Knoxville Tx). And later I found firearm laws interesting, marriage license, auto tag forensic research ('where and why was the first auto tags mandated?').

We take so much for granted. "It's just the way it is. Don't ask questions. Just go along to get along." There is wisdom to that statement. But also without asking questions, we do not gain knowledge. Why is something so? What is the purpose behind a law, rule or mandate? Who has the authority to tell me, a free citizen, what to do and what the reasoning behind it?

I am not against things that make sense. You can't yell, "FIRE!" in a crowded theatre. I am also against ridiculous acts of PRO anything; ala don't wear an AR-15 around an HEB while shopping for boxed jello and lite beer. You want to protest, do it. No problem. Just don't stop hard working people from going about their lives trying to make a living for themselves and their families.

An eastern proverb paraphrased is, "When you tell one lie, you are liar." Even if it is a small lie. Your trust is diminished. And it is proven fact that our Government and politicians lie. They lied about weapons of mass destruction. They lied about Gulf of Tonkin, surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, 9/11 and the list goes on.

It cannot be said that the TV and new media are not complicit in these schemes. Their goals are viewer / readership, sell ads, to keep people watching. Plus sensational news sells! The more sensational, the more fear, the more people tune in. Is there collusion between the two entities? I don't know, maybe. But a cursory look at the two, any rational person can tell they are in bed together.

I suggest people do their own research on this pandemic. Just like UFO witnesses and 9/11 truth seekers, our Frontline Doctors are being vilified in the news. Being blacklisted and fired from their jobs of tenure. There are many studies done on corona viruses and the efficacy of masks.

We need to look beyond the headlines and read down the paragraphs. One story I saw was, "Perfectly health teen dies of C-19." On paragraph ten it said he had severe diabetes. Also another one was, "Pro soccer coach dies of c-19"; again at end of article it stated had undiagnosed leukemia.

The biggest proponents of anti-lockdown is our seniors. I play lots of senior living facilities. I love it! We have much to learn from our senior and I am so fortunate to have time to speak and listen to the many I perform for. They want this over. They miss their families and friends. They want *real* contact. They want a hug.

Imagine living your last days in a lone hospital bed, without having someone there to hold your hand. That thought almost brings me to tears.

We need to weigh the ramifications of the lockdown benefits to the economic and social losses. From how I understand, alcohol abuse, child abuse, spousal abuse, suicide, have completely spiked off the charts. Cancer patients have largely stopped coming for treatments; shortening their lives by 5, 10, 15 years. We won't see the effects for many years.

Imagine the lockdown ending. Great. But what about a child being abused; physically or sexually? That will last a lifetime. How about family business that have taken generations to build, gone. The majority of economic stresses have hit the small and local businesses. It can't be said, "Well, it's to keep us safe." When someone has lost their home, their family has split apart, their life is in shambles and suicide being contemplated, does the lockdown help?

We need to read more. Stop listening to 'authority' figures. We need to dedicate our time instead of in front of the idiot box (TV), digging into the actual finding and research papers. Gleaning wisdom from multiple sources. Making fact, not emotional, based decisions for ourselves, our families and our community.

I care about people. That is part of the reason I play music. I would love people to understand, 'You are not alone. I have felt this way too.' I feel we are being manipulated, with a campaign of fear, to keep us divided and afraid. Let's do something about it.

Keep the faith. Do your best. Stay vigilant. Care for one another. Hope to see everyone in these wonderful Texas dance halls real soon,


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