2020 Sept - Stop The Madness!

Hey Kids,

I can't believe it's been so long since I have seen all your smiling faces, dancing along to not only the music of the Rugged Gents, but also all the the fantastic musicians and bands here in Austin.

Let's all start critical thinking this situation and getting better information then just from the Boob-Tube. Gather information for the source, not regurgitated from talking heads or news print. Look at this thing from different angles, not just from the frontal assault narrative.

I care about everyone, wish everyone the best. Get outside, get some sun, eat healthy, exercise, and give someone a hug! That's right... we need hugs, we need human contact. Not Zoom or Google Hangout. Real, live, person-to-person contact.

If being safe means being locked inside my house, having to cover my face 24/7, no swimming, no live music, no movie theatres, no places like bars, restaurants, venues, no hugs, kisses, sports, having a brew with friends, etc etc, then sign me up for danger.

If you trade freedom for safety, you deserve neither.

Stay well and keep the faith, Johnny