Honky Tonk Groundhog day

4 May 2020 - Groundhog Day continues 

Howdy kiddos and kiddettes, 

I was told that when fisherman can't fish, they mend their nets. So over the past month I've been busy doing just that. 

Around 15 years ago I had a side project with a drummer pal that was totally different from my rockabilly-blues-country roots. We didn't perform live that much, just wrote and recorded demos. Great way to hang out with fellow musician and friend. I found I had all the old demos and could bring a good chunk of the songs to life with a little bit of effort. Hope to have it mastered and up on all major distributions outlets before month's end. 

I got a challenge from my therapist to write a dark humored tune about our infected situation. Ha, "challenge accepted!" I got my bass monster pal Todd "The Wulf" Wulfmeyer on bull-fiddle, and a whole slew of other killer players around town to join in. Hope to have a video shot ASAP and the song on social outlets by mid month. 

Rugged Gents album has stalled a little but I'll get back on track very soon. The way I am hard-wired is: create the song, demo the song, play the song out live, next song! Ha. Not best way to have a finished product. So I have to slow down, make sure I go four laps around the track, not just three. Should see some results by June or July. 

Been going to my boxing gym lots. There is never more then 5 people in the entire facility so no worries there. Plus any infectious disease would get pummeled at this place. Talk about "Eye Of The Tiger" style gyms. No frills, no A/C, no BS either. Just get in, get to work, get a sweat on, get busy. I love it there. 

All in all, I am ready to get back in the saddle. Let's start living it.