Texas Holiday Season

Can't believe it's been so long since last blog. What a topsy-turvy world we live in. Club scene has been slow bit lately. All the vaccine pushers back six month ago saying, "It's the only way to save the economy. Save grandma. Save yourself!"... Well they all got sick. Bummer. Reality came to bite them on their @sses.

I am not a vaccine person. Just don't want them. I don't know what's in these vaccines and so I'll just fight stuff off the old fashioned way; living well, good food, exercise, vitamins y minerals, low alcohol intake, good rest. Ya know... common sense, logical stuff.

The argument I hear most is, "Just do it. Why not. It's just a shot. What, are you scared of needles or something. Everone else is doing. Think of society. You're being selfish". I am sick of that rhetoric.

Firstly, it's never *just* anything when it comes to the government. All governments are a voracious appetite for power and control. Hence the frames of this Constitutional Republic (that's right, NOT a democracy) knew this and did their best to create fortifications against such over reach.

It's not a *vaccine* by definition. It ain't. Go look it up. It's gene therapy. And I don't want it in me. If it works for you, fine. Great. Go for it. I don't like olives either. So I don't order them on my cardiac-arrest pizza slice at DeSano's.

Lastly, it's over. Done. The legacy media, big pharma and Gov all want it to keep going, and going, and going. As long as it's going, they have us in their grips.


I ain't wearing a mask. Not going to do it. If you tell me to wear a mask, I'll say, "No thanks. I'm good." If you don't like it, that's your problem. If you ask me to leave, fine. I'll protest with my dollars by patronizing some place else.

I don't get mad, I get gone.

I've told that to a few girlfriends in my day. I don't know if they are mystified or not when it happens. I am gone. They can deal with it. Life is short. Don't put up with BS.

And another thing; Men, start acting like men. Handle your business, take care of your physical health. Focus on what makes you happy. Like Jordan Peterson says, never say things that make you weaker. I say, never do things that make you weaker.

Care more and more about less and less. Yeah, having a large group of bar friends and acquaintances is fun and all, but it will NEVER be better than having ONE love interest, and a few GOOD top-shelf friends that will ALWAYS have your back.

Don't tolerate rudeness. I am over it. Whether it's some jackass at a bar or a snarky chic. Two ways to deal with it. 1) Leave. Get outta there. You don't need that stuff. Best sentence in English language? "I don't need this sh#t." Best word in English language? "Next." 2) Call them out. Hey, you're being rude. What is the purpose in you doing/saying that? You can always leave if you don't like where it's going.

Lastly, guys... learn to defend yourselves. Take boxing, jiu-jitsu, krav maga, anything, something. 1) you'll get in better shape. 2) face whatever fears you have. 3) Learn to control your anger. 4) give and get respect. 5) Confidence.

You may not perceive it at first, but over time, you'll notice a change in how people will deal with you. Just coming into any situation with the mindset, "F#ck it. You want to throw down. I live that four days a week." Will take stress off situations. Remember, you DON'T want to ever fight. Hell NO! You can break your hands, lose teeth, go to jail. F-that noise.

What you can do is face what ever situation with take-it or leave-it mentality. Whatever the outcome, you'll be ok. That's a great feeling. People can tell when you're confident. So get into some combat sport. A *real* gym, not some muscle-head stuff. You'll thank me for it.

Until next time. Keep living the dream. Loving the fantasy. Let's see what happens!