Back Up Beepers!! 

Rant of the Month: May 2020 

I HATE back-up-beepers (BUB's for short). Where I live, in North Austin, the amount of back up beeping noise is horrible. Ya know back up beepers right? That annoying BEEP BEEP sound when a commercial vehicle puts the gears in reverse. Perhaps since there is very low traffic, those BEEPs can be heard further distances. Either way, it make my blood boil. 

I have read several articles about this supposed 'safety feature'. From how I understand, OSHA instituted these and by the 1990s they were in about every Earth-mover, government work truck, commercial utility vehicle and bus. Some vehicles even have them on the front too! 

When two or three of these are within ear-shot, it's like Orwellian mind torture! I have heard these start up at 7:30am and go ALL FREAKIN DAY LONG. It's maddening. I can't record, I can't peacefully read, it kills my good mood to do anything. Can't sit outside. Close all the windows and doors, NOPE. Still hear it. There is no escaping this cacophony. 

A website I found advocates noise free America. From it I read where OSHA has now instituted all major construction sites to have mandatory ear protectors; due to workers claim of hearing loss from the BUB's. How's that for irony? Plus studies have shown, over the past 30+ year period since BUB's were instituted, they have lost their desired effect. The "boy-cried-wolf' syndrome; people tune out the noise due to it's constant usage. 

Schadenfreude: One day some fat-cat politician who's been signing off on tearing down classic Austin landmark real estate, is sitting at home, sunning his varicose veined white chicken legs by his 30x50 salt-water swimming pool, downing Dewar's and soda, when BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP makes him drop his tumbler on his terazzo tiled patio. Then he can be pissed-off like the rest of us. Ha!