2019 JUNE

2019 June 

Texas is heating up. 

Got lots of exciting news happening this month and all throughout the summer.

Firstly, Bob Appel and I opened up Hye Dance Hall, about one hour west of Austin in Hye Tx. This is a real, deal Texas dance hall that was built in 1906 and ran for nearly 50 years before closing it’s doors. We were the first live band in the Hall in nearly 70 years. Wow. Check out Hye Market on the inter webs for pics and story. 

Thanks for Cameron J. Smith for the excellent promo video he did last month. It features the song, “White Line Fever”. Some folks may remember that Merle Haggard recorded a song with the same title for the movie “White Line Fever” with Jan Michael Vincent. I had that poster on my wall and never did really dig Merle’s tune. I mean that movie was 18 wheels of kick *ass, get-rad, truck driving mayhem. I wanted a song that would hug the shoulders of a Texas Turnaround. 

I’ll be doing a month long stint at The White Horse Saloon Wednesday nights at midnight. Glad to be playing some music in there again. Plus gigs at Giddy Ups, 290 West, Angel’s Icehouse and more. Take a look at my shows for dates and times. 

Song writing has been heating up too with many new tunes. Been reaching out to my song-writer pals like Jake Penrod, Weldon Henson, Bracken Hale and Brandon Rossage in helping me complete them. 

A pal of mine, Big Mike Geier (Puddles Pity Party), once said for songs to become a pearl, you need a clam and a piece of sand. Sometimes it takes more than yourself to get the baton four laps around the track to finish the race. Jake and I were speaking on having a song writing group. 

On another note, did my first Tri Cap Tex triathlon recently. I saw it downtown last year and knew I had to give it a shot. The 40-50 age group is the largest and most competitive. Dudes! Chill out. 

I know you are looking to ‘recapture’ your youth and prove to the world you are virile in the bedroom. Perhaps that’s the problem, you have to prove it. I don’t. So chill, enjoy the race, don’t be a douche-bag trying to drown other swimmers, run people over with your $18k ti-bike and push 12 year olds off the track at the finish line. Jeez! 

Sad note, a great musician and real sweetheart of a guy, Jeff Walls succumbed to health issues. He was a member of Guadalcanal Diary, band leader of Hillbilly Frankenstein and guitarist for over 16 years of The Woggles. He was always super nice, cordial, gentle, convivial and a super nice person. I always felt as ease around him. His knowledge of music, records, instruments and BBQ was extensive and he was always open to share. 

More to come here in Austin. I love it here. Playing gigs with my band The Rugged Gents, with fantastic Roger Wallace, Jake Erwin, the indomitable Alvin Crow and many more. 

2019, Let’s see what happens…

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