2019 October

Glad to be through September and moving into October.

Looking forward to demoing and ultimately recording some of my original material this month.

Wrote a super fun song with Mr. Boogie Woogie Henri Herbert. Hope to hear him bang it out on the 88's. It was easy for us both to write; coming up with ideas, letting go of bad thoughts and enjoying the process.

Wrote a song last month only to realize it's the same melody and chord changes of a country song that I don't even like! Ha. Sometimes the vehicle for lyrics just shows up at you door and you jump in; not realizing it's a lime green Avanti.

Speaking of vehicles, my new vehicle, The Rugged Jeep, is coming along nicely. Got some mud style tires that actually have 'RUGGED' on the sidewall. *Inconcievable!* I couldn't resists! It's a lot more Texas than my last car that's for sure.

Played with Willie Pipkin and Friends at Continental Club. Henri and I blew the doors off with the fellas right there blasting away. Super fun time. Go check him out. Hope to be there again soon.

Every Wednesday night at the White Horse come see my and Roger Wallace go hillbilly on ya. Playing guitar for the indomitable Alvin Crow this month at the Broken Spoke. Plus lots of other gigs too.

Keep a lookout on Austin Honky Tonkers and this website for all my live show dates. Cheers and keep the faith.

October, Let's see what happens!


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